Upcoming projects

A list of projects that I would like to start:

1. le slouch, a cute seed stitch beret that is a free pattern at Knit and Tonic
2. fingerless gloves for my boyfriend. I haven't really looked for a pattern yet.
3. fingerless gloves for me. I saw this pattern at Knitty and it seems challenging enough to get me excited but easy enough for me not to claw my eyes out.
4. baby socks, my good friend Darcie is due in a month and I want to make her boy some cute booties.
5. hat/mittens for my second cousin, Kody. The chubbiest, cutest baby that ever lived deserves a nice Christmas present. I will have to wait awhile on this one to make sure I knit something big enough.
6. I have various other Christmas gifts in mind but those people may read this so I will keep the rest of this list to myself for now.

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Amanda said...

Hi...you probably don't remember me, but I had dinner with you and Jim ages ago with Mat (I'm Mat's girlfriend). I knit. A lot. Too much, probably. Not as much as I'd like now that school responsibilities have become overwhelming.

I was procrastinating and found your blog through Jim (the Intraday Briefing thing).

Anyway, this is an old post, but I'd recommend Knucks (a Knitty pattern) for those men's fingerless gloves. They're a good unisex pattern (I've made pairs for both Mat and myself). The Rowan Felted Tweed it calls for is a really nice yarn, too, and comes in lots of testosterone-friendly colors.

Enjoy your knitting!