Fad Classic

So I said that I had FO's and I really do. Here is my Fad Classic. I wish I had made it longer and maybe I will one day. This is my first finished garment. Woo-hoo! My boyfriend seemed impressed and the day I wore it work everyone was surprised. I think that they hear me talk about knitting but all they see is the same sock that I only knit during my lunch break. (Which will be the FO for another day. I can't post them all at once, that would be silly)
Hopefully things will slow down a bit here. One of my good friends got married this weekend and I think (I hope) that her wedding was the last of summer responsibilities. I'll have to try to remember to post pictures of her wedding, it was beautiful.
Oh.. and if I don't have new pictures to show, it is because my camera is broken. When I turn it on, the lens comes about halfway out then beeps and the display window reads, "lens error, restart camera.' I will cry if my camera is broken. It isn't yet a year old and I am almost positive it is still under warranty. Besides, it is a Canon and I've heard that they are pretty good with stuff like this.


Amanda said...

It looks great! You did an amazing job, especially considering that it's the first garment (not counting socks and scarves) that you've knit. Congratulations!

I hope your camera's okay and if broken, can be fixed quickly and cheaply (or free, since it's so young).

Charlene said...

You did such a good job on the collar and arm ribbings...I have such a hard time getting those right so it doesn't look like it's too much ribbing or not enough.

Jen said...

Congratulations on your first finished garment! It looks really great and fits like a dream. Isn't it so strange to wear something that you knit for the first time? (I'm always worried on a new garment's first official outing that it'll somehow unravel and leave me naked and scared on the subway.)

Crossing my fingers for your camera!

Kristi said...

Amanda, that looks so awesome!!! I've been kicking around the idea of quilting or knitting.. You're starting to rub off on me..lol