It's here, it's here!

My Knit Picks yarn was here when I got home from work today! Oh happy day! Before I get to that, I'll let you in on what has been going on around here lately.

I have been working non-stop because two of my co-workers were on vacation at the same time. This is the main reason why the progress pictures have been non-existent lately. However, to avoid overtime on my next paycheck, I get a four day weekend next week. A four-day weekend is like a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and a snow day wrapped into one.

I finally ripped out fad classic. I got to the point where I made the mistake, but then looked at the rest of it and decided, "oh, hell..." and ripped the entire thing out to start over completely. Why? Just because, I guess. I am actually happy that I did. Now that I have a better understanding of the pattern, I think it looks much better the second time around. I'm almost to where I was before I ripped it out last time. Although this horrible picture just looks like a blob of blue yarn.I have been slowly knitting Natuie from Knitty. I don't know why it has been taking so long. Usually, I love the cute toy projects because I get to practice shaping and they are a quick fix when I want something finished. All of the other toys I have knit only took me a day or two. I started this guy about two weeks ago. That is about when I started working like crazy and before the post office drama, so maybe I have just been in a funk.I also recently bought yarn to knit a sweater that I fell in love with in this months Vogue Knitting. There will be more posts about it one day I am sure, I told myself I would finish Fad-Classic before I started another sweater. The only problem with that is I can start to smell fall in the air. Do you know that feeling? In my opinion, there is nothing else in the world that compares to that. I am a big time summer hater and after the initial novelty of 'ooo.. lets go to the beach' wears off, I am in a bad mood about the weather until very late August/September rolls around.

Oh and because I wanted to show off how bad my 'knitting area' is:Among the wreckage you should spot the following (it's a little game.. if you are really really bored).

  • fad classic pattern
  • O-wool tag
  • reciepts from online bought yarn
  • tv and dvd remotes
  • Jim's current work-in-progress painting
  • pencil
  • beginnings of Nautie
  • the book that I used to learn how to knit
  • scissors
  • and of course, an empty glass that at one point was holding a whole lot of vodka and juice

Some serious yarn storage and organizing needs to be done in my house. Unfortunately that just isn't as exciting as knitting. Maybe after I run through my Knit Picks stash I'll do some organizing. I don't think this yarn will last long. All the yarn I got is intended for small projects; gloves for Jim, a couple little Christmas presents, and a hat. Isn't is beautiful? This will be used for socks: A new and improved Norberta from the yarn the pattern calls for: And of course, Sheldon:

Other reasons that I am really happy right now:

  • it is 70 degrees and drizzling rain right now in Chicago, which not only is a sign of fall but also reminds of the weather in Madrid when Jim and I were there last fall
  • the Notwist is currently playing in my house.. and well, I love the Notwist.
  • Jim is quietly sitting across from me in his vintage barber chair that he aquired from a friend and reading. He looks cute.


Jen said...

Oh! I smelled Fall in the air today, too! --- But in New Jersey. When I woke up, the breeze coming through the window was decidedly Late September/Early October. I was in heaven! (So I started knitting a scarf, naturally.)

I never did get to any LYS while in Chicago last week, unfortunately (too much family stuff going on). But thank you for the recommendations!

Amanda said...

I am wearing a 3/4-sleeved shirt today. In August. I am loving this weather! And I am definitely itching to make some big sweaters and slouchy hats.

I'm so glad you got your yarn, and can't wait to see Sheldon (I'd really like to make him someday).

Your Fad Classic looks great!

Arielle said...

Wow, thanks for adding me to your links! I will of course reciprocate.

Also: mmm, Knitpicks...

The Ninny said...

i love the coffee table pic! it completely reminds me of many of the surface areas in my house!