I have been away for about a week now. Unfortunately my only excuse is that knitting and related activities have made me frustrated. I didn't want my posts of these stories to seem overly angry so I waited until I calmed down about them. First, I thought I was moving along at a good rate with my Fad-Classic until I noticed this:Seriously? Grrrrrr...... This was caused by knitting 2 together instead of purling 2 together after joining the front and back together. I have actually considered finishing it like this and hoping nobody will notice. I can't do that. I probably wouldn't wear it because it would make me angry every time I brought it out. It hasn't been ripped out yet, I'm giving that step a little more time.

Next, as if I didn't already dislike the United States Postal Service (by default everyone does, right?) I especially dislike them now. I ordered yarn from Knit Picks a week ago and I finally started wondering, "where is my yarn?" I went to the USPS tracking website and according to them my package has been delivered. Delivered. Really? If it were delivered I would be knitting a turtle right now instead of crying over ripping out three and a half inches of a vest. I'm hoping that delivered means that it is at the post office for me to pick up... it is still too early in the morning here to call yet. I need eight more minutes. If it is not at the post office then where did the lovely post man deliver my huge box of yarn? If it is at the post office waiting for me to pick it up then how and when did they exactly plan on letting me know? This is very upsetting.

Ok, so half an hour has passed. In this time I have called Knit Picks. They told me that the delivered status means that my package has reached the local post office. If the package is lost Knit Picks can't do anything until 14 days have passed. If my package isn't here by Friday they send me more yarn. I have also been on hold with my local post office for about 20 minutes. I am curious what they have been doing with my package since last Wednesday when it was officially delivered to them. I didn't use this tone with the woman who answered the phone but apparently I did or said something to piss her off because I am still on hold. The unusual thing is she asked what I needed and I quickly explained that I just wanted to know where my package was because according to the sender it was delivered to the post office on Wednesday and that if it is still there, I can come and pick it up this morning instead of waiting for the mail. She then put me on hold without asking any personal information so I know she isn't looking for my package. I think she is hoping that I will just hang up. Ha!


Amanda said...

Spluh. Sounds like you're having a rough day. I'd be cranky as all get-out with what's happening!

Ripping out knitting suuuuucks, but it's a momentary pain. You'll be glad you did it. I've had to rip back more times than I care to think about (and I'll admit it's made me cry), but I've never regretted it. Though, I do regret not paying attention while ripping back on my fiery bolero and ripping out far more than planned...yeah, watch what you're doing. I still haven't picked that back up...I'm too annoyed with myself.

Hope your yarn surfaces!

GalGreetsCity said...

Don't give up...what's three and half inches in the long run? Plus, fad-classic turns out real cute!

Jen said...

Ahhh! I did the SAME THING when I made the Fad Classic! I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong for the longest time, too. Craaaazy!