I finally busted out the O-Wool Balance that I had bought on the internet. Since I didn't think it would be a good yarn substitution for Le Slouch, I found a hat pattern on the O-Wool website that was cute. Knitting with this yarn isn't that all that nice. The finished product feels good but while knitting the yarn is so dry that my hands were getting sore.

I went up a needle size because I have an enormous head. If I would have used the correct needle size, my hat would have been uncomfortably small, but now my hat is just a little too big. I probably won't rip it out though, at least not any time soon. I have one more skein left and I think I am going to use it to make Knitty's pattern, Knucks.
I'll try to post pictures of my Fad Classic progress and another small project I am working on to finish off the last of my Malabrigo from my fingerless mitts.


Charlene said...

Thanks for the heads up on the 'O-Wool Balance.' Some people might take exception to the critique of the fibre, but I appreciate info like that because it is annoying when your knitting doesn't seem to be flowing. The yarn colour and the touque look great. Lovin the cables. I'm looking to start a cabled project from Elsebeth Lavold's patterns... www.ingenkonst.se/

The Ninny said...

what a nice looking hat!

where's sheldon? i want to see some sheldon! :)

i think i'll start out knitting a sheldon for myself and see how long i can keep him before my roommate steals him.

Jen said...

Bummer about the O-Wool being dry and inducing sore hands syndrome.

I'm heading to Chicago next week to visit my family. My mom is also into knitting (but not as obsessed as I am) and I'd love to take her on a field trip to a LYS, maybe help her get obsessed a little. What's one of your favorites out there?

Amanda said...

Jen, I really like Arcadia Knitting it is at 1613 W Lawrence Ave. It is pretty far north and I am not often up for the trip. Knit1 is at 3823 N Lincoln. It is a lot smaller but closer to where I live. The owner also has my ideal life in about five years. Her husband owns the coffee shop next door and she is extremely cute and pregnant.

Jen said...

Thanks, Amanda! I just got here last night, and I'm looking forward to taking my mom to one (or both!) of these!