Beginnings of a Yarn Stash

Ok, book finished. Everyone needs to reed the Harry Potter series, they just do. Also, anyone who is a fan needs to read the last book before people start talking and ruin it for you. It was fantastic.

Back to normal posting... I never posted pictures of the yarn I bought from Purl. The yarn comes wrapped up so nice.

The O-Wool is supposed to be for my Le Slouch hat. This is part of my fear of ordering yarn online, it doesn't feel like it will hang right for the pattern, too much cotton. I should have expected that, lesson learned. It can always be used for something else. Besides, this will help out my 'stash envy'. All the yarn I have bought has been for specific projects that I just haven't started. I'm not at a point that I can walk into a store and buy some yarn just because I like it and find a project later. I'm not sure how much to buy of one thing and I would be disappointed if I bought, say, 5 skeins and then I found the perfect pattern and that pattern needs 6. But little accidents like this O-Wool situation, starts my stash! I'm sure it won't take long before I get the hang of buying yarn just to buy it.

The Cascade 220 is meant for a pair of gloves or socks or something. Probably for Jim because the green isn't exactly a green that I like to wear but looks very handsome on him. Sorry, in the picture it looks brown. I need to figure out sunlight vs. flash to show colors correctly. Originally, I was nervous that this yarn would be too itchy, but it is actually quite nice.

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Amanda said...

Yarn! Yay! I hope you enjoy working the the Cascade -- I honestly think it's one of the best "bang for your buck" yarns you can buy, and it comes in so many great colors (the one you bought looks like a wonderful "man" color).

I've accumulated an embarrassing stash (at least for someone with my income), but I've never really purchased anything with "add to stash" in mind. I always either have a project already in mind, or I find one in order to justify the purchase (like when I find really great things on clearance). However, I have a tendency to change my mind later, and the yarn is knit into something other than what was originally planned (which is more likely if I don't cast on right after getting the yarn).

Enjoy your knitting! I'm glad to hear the Harry Potter book was good...I won't have time to read the new book until after I have some school deadlines behind me...