Yarn Bag

While searching the internet for new, fun, free patterns to try out, I found this at Knituition.blogspot.com: It is a yarn bag to hold a single ball of yarn while you are on the go. I love this idea! I would like to take my projects with me on the bus trips to and from work but I don't want to carry my purse and a knitting bag with my project because I would be in the way of other passengers. Nothing is more annoying than the person on the bus or El during rush hour who has just a ridiculous amount of crap with them. Where are they going that they need a large purse, a shopping bag filled with who knows what, a book bag and a briefcase? Can't you consolidate your stuff so you don't have a bag hanging off of you in every direction?

Anyway, I can take a small project with me and then put my yarn and needles into my purse when I am done and I don't have to worry about my yarn falling on the floor or being in the way of others. In case you were wondering, I only carry enormous purses with me and that is why this would fit in my purse. So many people make fun of the large purse trend going on right now but I think it is great. When you live in the city and take public transportation you need room to carry enough stuff to be prepared for anything. For example, my purse currently has sunglasses, my camera, my phone, my wallet, a headband or hair tie, lotion, fingernail file and clippers, my i-pod, a small journal with pen, and when it starts to get cold, a hat.

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