New Yarn

Yesterday morning I bought yarn online...for the first time. I am nervous. As I have stated before, I don't really know anything about yarn, but I want to. I figure the best way to find out is to just buy some! Good for me, not so good for my budget.

Ok, I bought Cascade Yarns 220 in yakima heather for a pair of manly socks. It is 100% pure new wool. Hopefully it isn't too itchy for socks. I am trying to make slightly baggy, slipper-type socks.

Also in my shopping basket is O-Wool Balance in opal. This is supposed to be for Knit and Tonic's Le'Slouch pattern. The pattern calls for Classic Elite Yarn, City Lights which has some sparkle in it. I don't think I am down with the sparkle. The O-Wool is 50% organic merino, 50% organic cotton. At least it will be soft!

If the yarn doesn't work out, I can always use it for something else. But this is why the two times I have bought yarn, I have gone to the store to ask the very knowledgeable staff their opinions. However, yesterday I had to work from noon to eight, the stores were only open while I was at work, and well, I wanted to buy something. Is that wrong?

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Jen said...

Hi Amanda. I order yarn online all the time. I just search around to see what other people have said about the yarn I'm looking at. After that, it's cross your fingers! Same with the colorways.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on Law & Garter! Did you know... not only did we start knitting around the same time, but that I'm actually a Chicago gal, like you! I lived there all my life until 5 years ago, when I came to NY and, later, NJ.

When I started knitting, I went wild with the scarf/hat thing, too. Then I decided to try socks. That turned out okay. And I figured that was about it for me. I loved knitting, but I never had any desire to knit a sweater. Until, that is, I discovered Wendy at Knit and Tonic (whom, I see by your sidebar, you visit already). What an inspiration she is! My first garment was "Sizzle." But I wasn't happy with my work and my sizing. My second garment, which I highly recommend for a first sweater, was "Green Gable" at Zephyr Style. Use the suggested yarn (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece). And don't skip doing a gauge swatch. (Not important with the scarves, but important with the sweaters, as I eventually learned the hard way.) The "Green Gable" is knit from the top down, which is brilliant because you can try it on as you knit along. Which means that it will totally fit you, because you can put in decreases and increases where your body needs them. And, best yet, no seaming! You'll get addicted!

I can't wait to see what you'll be up to next! I especially can't wait to hear what you think about O-Wool Balance.