Sushi Night

I have been, until recently, in job search mode. Jim and I decided that when I got a job, I was taking us out for sushi. We went to Bob San and it was delicious. A few days later we decided we needed sushi again but choose not to leave the house. About thirty minutes later, fresh sushi was at our door. Mmmm...I wonder if you have the same feeling as we do when we eat sushi. So full, you can't even think about eating another bite. Then about fifteen minutes later (when the sushi is gone) you think that a couple more pieces would taste fantastic. Sound familiar?

Well, I saw a pattern for these online (MagKnits.com) and made Jim some more sushi. A little salmon roll, wasabi, and ginger. Jim wanted to know where the soy sauce was, I told him to shut up and enjoy his knit sushi. Overall, he thought it was hilarious. I'm sure this will be one of those things that only we find funny. Oh well. (Sorry about the bad picture, I shouldn't have used the flash.)


Larry said...

Actually, I happen to also find the knit sushi to be totally hilarious. I can't wait to tell the D dinner club about this. TOO CUTE! I will be laughing at this one for about 3 days.
Isn't it just like a man to not be satisfied with what's there too? hahaha

Speaking of the dinner club...wtf? No sanctioned events, members leaving, private sushi dinners, TWICE!, SO SAD! I'm SO DEPRESSED OVER THIS. I'm going to go home, shut the windows, and turn on the gas now. I feel so alone. I might sob even. WA-SOB-E...VEN.
LOL. whahahahahahaha The lengths I have to go to, to get a wasabi joke in. WHOA, that was truly bad.

PS. Congrats on your new job. Working with homeless, clumsy, furry little things that are always pawing at you has to be great.

Oh wait... I thought you left Dags? ;)


Larry said...
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Larry said...

sorry bout the double post. btw...the sushi pic looks like various colored tongues. only smoother. yeah.