Orange gloves.

One half of Dashing is done! I was originally planning on knitting Fetching but decided I liked this simpler design better.

Yarn bought at 3:30pm, yarn arrived home at 4pm, yarn was on the needles at 4:30pm. No point in messing around when I get to try something new. The left glove turned out well. I was a little unsure of knitting the thumb. In fact, that is my only complaint about the first glove, the holes from picking up stitches along the side of the thumb opening seem a little big.

Overall I am very pleased. Especially considering this was my first project with cables. Cable knitting is far easier than people make you believe. I will have to look into scarf or hat patterns with a few cables thrown in.

About a minute after I started knitting with this yarn, I wondered why I bought bright orange yarn. I usually stick to neutrals or blue/greens. But, I love the orange! I like orange, just never thought it was a color that I wore well. However, a little bit peeking out from a coat on the hands will be just perfect.

Onto glove #2!


kmckiernan said...

It looks great - I love the cheery color!

The Ninny said...

I love this pattern. That's such an awesome picture. I'm going to dig through my stash and see if I can't find something that would work for it.