A Few Ripples!

I have a few rows of ripples done for my blanket. I am afraid the colors have taken a turn for the ugly. My plan was to blindly reach into my very large box of old yarn that I got from my grandma and whatever color I came out with was my next row. Perhaps I should start paying a little more attention. Maybe it will turn out to be one of those things that is 'kinda ugly but in a cute way.'

Also, just because it is cute: My new job is at The Animal Medical Center of Chicago and this is a cat that we are trying to find a home for (hoping the owner will let us keep as the house cat). His name is Kipling. On my break yesterday, I hung out with Kipling while I worked on Jim's scarf and he was very interested in the bottom of my knitting bag. He normally has very lovey dovey eyes, he just doesn't like the flash on my camera.

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