A FO, finally.

Lately I have been spending so much time researching new yarn and patterns and then starting new projects, that I feel like I haven't finished something in a long time. Don't worry, I have been knitting, but I pick up a different project to work on everyday. Well, last night sat down with some movie that Jim put in about Denver, CO and a glass of wine and finished my enormous bright blue scarf. I knew I wanted this scarf to be just ridiculous in length...I measured it and it is 130 inches. That is 10.8 feet, or 3.3 meters to those of you outside the States. I can comfortably wrap it around my neck three times and the tails still hit right at my waist. Chicago winters are nasty, nasty business and I don't mess around with my winter wear.
(the picture is horrible, this is the best of the 6 that Jim took of me last night. I have red eyes and the all of you get to see my laundry behind me in the hall. Oh well.)
I used three skeins of Cascade Yarns, Baby Alpaca Chunky and size 11 needles. The entire thing is k1, yo, k2tog. I love this yarn, it was on sale at my LYS and when I went back, I bought more in a creamy off white color. I've been holding off to buy the needles I need to start my Fad Classic because I would like to finish Jim's scarf first. For those of you who remember, Jim's scarf is just garter stitch using Malabrigo yarn. I love the yarn (I'm bought more and am using it for my fingerless mitts) but when I know I could be knitting something with pattern, garter stitch just doesn't seem that exciting.

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Lis said...

Ooh, that's a nice looking scarf. Love the colour too. I wish I live in scarf country!