Clean Slate by 2008

I just joined the Clean Slate by 2008 knit-a-long on Ravelry. Not sure if it is too late to be including officially in the knit-a-long but I thought it would be great motivation to finish up some UFOs. (All the links are to Ravelry)

UFO #1:
Harry Potter Scarf from atypically.knit: this is being knit for a friend to give her boyfriend for Christmas, Gryffindor of course. Current Progress: 75% done.
UFO #2:
Camo hat- a basic ribbed hat, this is an experiment with cheap camouflage yarn I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics. My family loves hunting, fishing, and other camo related things. Current progress: 40% done.
UFO #3:
Gloves for Mom-Christmas present for my Mom. She picked out the yarn so I'm not ruing a surprise here. Current progress: 50% done.
UFO #4:
Shawl collared tunic from Vogue- started this a month and a half ago, I'm afraid I am not going to like the way it is going to fit so I've put it aside. This will be my first full sweater project. Current progress: about 40% (I have to finish both sleeves and the shawl collar)
UFO #5:
Sheldon from Knitty.com-I love this pattern. All I have to finish is the legs, 4 little legs have taken me over three months! Current progress: 90%
UFO #6:
Mystery Christmas gift- Someone who may read this blog can't see what this is. The link sends you to Ravelry if any you are curious. (the recipient of course is not on Ravelry). Current progress: 85%

UFO #7:
Nautie from Knitty.com- don't really know why I haven't finished this. Just got bored I guess. This may be one that gets frogged. (I couldn't find this picture on my computer, it is on Ravelry) Current progress: 35%

UFO #8:
Elisa nest tote- Not for anyone in particular but will probably end up being a gift. Current progress: 10%
UFO #9:
Knucks for me- O-wool scratches my hands and it is annoying. I do like the finished product and need to suck it up and finish these before it gets unbearable cold outside. Current progress: 50% That is currently all of them. Only nine, that isn't too bad, right? I'm not sure what the rules are about casting on new projects. Do those have to be finished before New Year's as well? That could be what gets me into trouble. Ok, wish me luck!

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