Lace knitting?!?!

I've read online that people who try lace knitting for the first time are often frustrated and feel like it is learning to knit all over again. It can't be that hard, can it? These people have probably known how to knit for most of their lives and don't remember learning to knit. I'm still fresh, still learning, it won't be that hard for me.

Well, yesterday I cast on with my newly purchased knit picks yarn. No pattern in mind, I wanted to knit a few rows garter stitch and then stockinette stitch just to get the hang of it before I started in on a pattern. All my feelings of, 'it can't be that hard,' went out the window. This is hard. I have cast on and then ripping out different shawl patterns five times in hopes of finding a pattern that will work better than the previous one. Eventually I am going to have to suck it up and just pick one and come to terms with the fact that the finished product isn't going to look very nice.

To all you lace knitters out there: you are all crazy and I am envious of your skill and patience.


keri said...

Hehe - that's funny! =) Lace knitting is tough but it does get easier and the results are well worth it. Good luck! =)

Amanda said...

All of your lace projects are gorgeous! Thank you for the encouragement, it is nice to hear that it will get easier.