Oh, a hat.

Another slouchy hat? Yes, please!Pattern: Sea Urchin Hat

Needles: US size 10 circs and dpn

Yarn: Knit Picks Cadena in coal, just over 1 skein

Modifications: I only made the hat about 5.5" before starting the decrease rounds because I didn't want it to be that slouchy.

Yes, it is similar to the Le Slouch that I made but that hat is made of sport weight yarn and this one is bulky yarn. (I just realized I never posted Le Slouch here, you can find it on Ravelry though.) This will actually be a great warm hat when it starts to get really cold.

I'm really starting to wonder how many hats one person really needs. Well, the most basic answer would be one. To keep a head warm, one hat would be needed. Alright, add in the fact that I am a female: two more hats. Take into consideration I am knitting them myself: two more hats. I live in Chicago and it is really cold here: another hat, maybe. I ride the bus and the subway and hats seem to be left on seats at least once a year: one hat for every hat lost. How many is that? Seven hats; seven hats are necessary for a girl who knits living in Chicago. How many do I have? Well, lets just say we are currently in double digits. How many have I made myself? Four...in the last three months. So, I need just a few more and I'll be set.


Amanda said...

That looks great! I've had that hat on my list...I'm thinking that the slouchy style hats will work better with my hairstyle (and yeah, moving to Chicago will make hats a necessity!)

I've been following your posts, but not responding -- my dissertation is due on Monday (ugh), and I defend two weeks after that. And then? I move!

keri said...

What a cute little hat - very stylish!

Amanda said...

Thank you! Amanda: good luck with your dissertation and slouchy hats would look fantastic on you! When you finally move here, you'll have to give me a call and we can go spend money we shouldn't at a yarn store.

Laser Hair Removal Chicago said...

This looks amazing!
you are so incredibly talented!
i wish i was at your level..
so i could make my own slouchy hats.
I recently bought one from URBAN OUTFITTERS in white and it looks amazing. The firs time i saw slouchy hats i bought like 5 of them and ive been wearing them since..
So i definitely wish i could make my own!

Great stuff!

Lo Lo said...

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